Leaking tap and tap servicing

Fixing a leaking tap may seem like an expensive yet simple job. Thats why we go the full length to make sure it is done correctly. To begin with, when you hire us, our service call includes the first hour of work. So we won’t just change the one washer that is leaking, we will service the whole tap set. And if we have time remaining, we are happy to have a look at other tap sets in your home or business.

In addition, we service the whole tap set properly, including reseating the seat in your leaking tap, to ensure a smooth and clean seating surface for the new washers. While the taps are dismantled, we take the time to give everything a good clean. We then replace all seals and o-rings, and grease your taps before putting them back together.

Another important point to remember, is the quality of the seals and, especially, the washers. While these parts are quite inexpensive, there is a remarkable difference between a good quality washer, and the lesser quality you find on hardware store shelves. The parts we stock for our tap services don’t only last longer, but instantly feel better. Even when installing brand new tap sets, we will change out the factory washers for our own during installation. It is always great to see the reaction of our customers when they can see and feel the difference in the performance of their taps after a service, making old taps feel like new again.

If however your taps are damaged and deemed unrepairable, or perhaps you’re after a new set, we stock various sets. alternatively, we can guide you to find a tap set right for you. If you need advice on you taps, contact us now to see how we can help.